Thanks for your interest in adopting. You may fill out the web application below or download a hard copy to complete and return to us. Applications will be reviewed promptly and we will be in touch with you soon!

I am interested in adopting: (insert name of cat(s))  ____________________________________________________________________________

Personal Information

First Name:
Last Name:
Home Phone:
Preferred Email:
Cell Phone:
Work Phone:

Other Email:
Nearest Large City:


Family/Pet Information

Children Living in Household (please include number and ages):
All pets owned and/or fostered (past and present) (please list current & previous pets--use comments section below if needed)
Yrs. owned
Where is this pet now?
Are your pets up-to-date on vaccines?
If not up-to-date, reason why?
Are your pets spayed/neutered? If not, reason why?
Have you ever had a cat declawed? If yes, why?
Will you consider declawing the cat you would like to adopt?
Have your cats at home been tested for Feline Leukemia & FIV?
Results of FIV/FELV testing:
Do your animals ever go outside?
Cats: Dogs:
Home Situation:  
I live in a  
Do you own or rent? How many years at current residence:
If renting, how many pets are allowed?
If you rent, please provide your landlord's information: (Name, full address, and phone):
Name: Phone:
Street address:  
City: State: Zip:
If you rent, please let your landlord or management company know we will call as we will want confirmation that your landlord or management company agrees to your housing any cat on their property.
Average number of hours a day someone is home:
Is everyone in your household agreeable to the adoption of a cat?
I would like to adopt an animal because I want (check all that apply)
Personal protection Mouser
Personal companion For my kids
To breed A gift

Other (please explain)

Do you travel often?  
If yes, how do you provide for them while you are away?
What will happen to this pet in case of emergency while you are away?
How many hours a day will this pet be left alone?
Where will the cat be kept when alone?
Who primarily is responsible for the pet?
Where is the pet to be kept during the day?
And at night?
IF your pet becomes injured or ill, what will you do?
What will you do if treatment is too expensive?

To feed, license, provide medical care, bedding and toys, I anticipate spending per year.

What will you do if the new pet does not get along with present pets?
Have you ever turned an animal over to a shelter or rescue group?
If yes, please explain:
Are you familiar with:
  the laws and ordinances of your city?   county/State on: Licensing?
  number of Pets allowed?   leash requirements?
  laws, ordinances, restrictions against certain breeds or types of animals?
Are you aware that adopting an animal is a lifetime commitment
that may span more than 20 years?
Under what conditions are your animals outdoors?
Will your newly adopted cat be allowed outdoors?
Have you ever given up an animal before? If yes, why?
Have you or any member of your family had a history of allergies or asthma?
Have you had previous experience with purebreds?
If yes, please indicate which breeds and what grooming experience you have:
What breed(s) are you looking to adopt?
Why do you want to rescue a purebred or mix rather than a domestic?
Age desired: Sex desired: Point type desired:


Veterinarian Information
Name: Street:  
City: State: Zip:
How long have you been a client?
Please let your veterinarian know that we may call and that they have your permission to speak freely with us. 

We may ask your veterinarian about your animals and their veterinary history.  If you do not have a veterinarian, we request that you locate one and provide a statement to that effect as well as a vet reference from a previously used veterinarian, if possible.


References (Not Related To You)
Note: Please provide complete, accurate information. Email addresses for references may expedite processing of your application. Please inform your references that they may be contacted. Applications are processed as expeditiously as possible on a first in, first processed basis.


How did you learn about Fancy Feline Rescue of the South?
Please also note your agreement with and awareness of our policies and your responsibilities by checking the boxes below prior to submitting your application:
By answering yes, I agree to abide by all local animal ordinances, leases, and property ownership agreements as they pertain to the legally defined number of pets allowed in any human domicile or associated/attached properties.  I further agree that should I be in violation of any local animal ordinances, leases, and property ownership agreements pertaining to the number of animals allowed, I hold harmless Fancy Feline Rescue of the South and all associated Rescue organizations in all matters, and assume all legal and/or financial liabilities pertaining to any violations of said ordinances, leases, and/or agreements.
I will tell my veterinarian that a representative of Fancy Feline Rescue of the South may be calling for a recommendation and that they have my permission to speak freely.  If I rent, I will tell my landlord or management company to expect a call, as well.
I understand that a home visit evaluation may be required prior to my application being for adoption.
Understanding that a rescue houses cats from unknown backgrounds, I assume the risks of being bitten, scratched, injured, or frightened by the cats and kittens in connection with my visit to Fancy Feline Rescue of the South. I agree that Fancy Feline Rescue of the South is not liable to me any injuries, damages, liabilities, losses, judgments, costs or expenses whatsoever, which I might suffer or sustain in connection with my visit to Fancy Feline Rescue of the South.
Please Initial if you understand the Above:  I certify the above to be true and complete to the best of my knowledge. 

By clicking on the Submit button below, you are certifying:

1. The information provided is true and complete to the best of you knowledge.

2. You understand that this Application in no way obligates you to adopt any cat from Fancy Feline Rescue of the South, nor does it guarantee that the cat you are interested in adopting will be available by the time this Application has been reviewed and approved.

3. You understand that Fancy Feline Rescue of the South reserves the right to deny any application for any reason, with or without cause.)


Note: Once you submit your information, you will be directed to our Thank You page or you will receive an error message . You will also receive a copy of your submission in an e-mail from our organization. This is not a confirmation that you are approved to adopt - only a copy of what you submitted. It is provided as a courtesy.

If you have problems with the form, please contact the webmaster.

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