Fancy Feline Rescue of the South, a non-profit, no-kill rescue licensed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture, is a small rescue organization with a big heart for the "Fancy Feline" breeds – particularly Persian, Himalayan, Exotic, Ragdoll, Birman, Maine Coon, Siamese, Sphynx, and other CFA- and TICA-recognized breeds and mixes. While we do focus on purebred cats, we also take in domestics if we have space available.

Our goal is to provide tender, loving care and safe-haven for those cats that are abandoned, abused, neglected, or no longer wanted by their owners, and to find appropriate, adoptive forever homes for each. While in our care, Fancy Feline Rescue of the South strives to give one-on-one socialization, providing the individual attention these cats so often need.

We are a foster-based rescue and do not have a public facility. Those foster homes are carefully screened, home visits are made, and each foster family is required to have no more than six foster cats at any time, thereby allowing individual attention and plenty of TLC for each cat.

Fancy Feline Rescue of the South is dedicated to providing individual attention and the best care possible for our cats. We evaluate each cat as to temperament, fully vet before adoption, and place them with the best adoptive home to meet the needs of the specific cat and their new family.

Once you’ve completed our Adoption Application and it has been approved by our Adoption Committee, we can set appointment for you to adopt.

Our adoption locations are as follows:

860 Cobb Place Blvd NW
Kennesaw, GA 30144

3405 Dallas Highway, SW
Marietta, GA 30064

8765 Dallas-Acworth Highway
Dallas, GA 30132


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